We offer custom braided hatbands, finished with sterling silver.  These bands are made with a heavy, flat, braid, fitted for your hat.  Below you will find information on the length of hair that is needed, the silver that is available, and how to measure your hat.  We also have a small selection of hatbands that are braided and ready to complete for your hat. 

Hatband Order Form

Hatband order form for website 1-19 (doc)


Directions for Hatbands

To make a hatband, we will need a section of tail hair that is at least 30-32" long, and about the diameter of your thumb, when it is bound in a rubber band.  Each hair will go the entire length of the braid, so there MUST be enough 30" long hairs to make the braid.  (Hair that is longer than 30" is even better!)

When you cut the hair from your horse's tail, you may take sections from different places near the dock, or from just one place.  In either case, you will cut many hairs that are too short for the hatband.  Take the cut end of the hair and bind it in a rubber band.  

Please do not send hair that your horse pulled out by stepping on his/her tail, or that you found on something like a nail in the stall.  Hair that has been pulled is weakened and stretched, and is unsuitable for jewelry or hatbands.  Also, please be sure that the hair is combed out, as tangled hair is impossible to work with.

To Measure Your Hat:


Place a cloth tape measure or a piece of string around your hat as shown in the pictures.  (24 1/2" shown)  Write that measurement on the form and we will make the hatband to fit your hat.  You may use a needle and thread to tack the hatband to your hat, if you like. 



Choose Your Sterling Silver

1. Oval Filigree w/border


2. Oval Filigree


3. Round


4. Garnet - 1 in stock


5. Oval Flower


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