Celebrate the Special Bond Between You and Your Horse

Directions for Horsehair Jewelry


Select the longest hairs by lifting the tail and going toward the end of the dock.  You may cut from several different places or from just one spot.  Each piece of jewelry that you order will require a section of long hairs slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil, about 3/8" or 10mm.

In order to make a necklace about 18" in length, we need to start with tail hairs that measure at least 27".  For a bracelet, we need hairs that are at least 15" long.   Longer is even better!  (Since it is impossible to cut only the long hairs, you will need to cut more hair than will actually be used.)

For Zipper-pull/Tassels we can use mane hair or tail hair.  We will need 

a section of hair that is at least 8" long (longer is better) and about the diameter of a pencil, about 3/8" or 10mm for a zipper-pull.  A 6" keeepsake tassel will need hair that is at least 14" long. Use a rubber band to keep the cut ends together as neatly as possible.


Use hot water to shampoo the hair thoroughly and rinse.  

Repeat until the water runs clear.  Lay out or hang the hair to dry completely.  (damp hair will mildew easily in a closed plastic bag)

Roll the hair loosely, without making any knots, and put it in a plastic 

ziploc bag for mailing.  Write your name and your horse's name on 

the bag.  

Clean, tangle-free hair is necessary to make beautiful jewelry!  It is not possible to make jewelry from hair that your horse has pulled out in the stall or pasture, or with hair that is snarled or knotted.

Please let us know on the order form if you want any unused hair returned to you.

We realize that "life happens" and people don't always have the time or the opportunity to make plans to collect hair from a well-loved horse friend, so if you have hair that was previously collected, you may send it "as is."  If there is not enough hair, or it is too damaged to use, we will contact you.

​Choose an order form from the page Ordering Information, and include the form with the hair to be mailed.  

Be sure to include any special instructions on the order form.​



"I love Lee Ann's jewelry. I have a couple of necklaces and a bunch of bracelets.  I have a retired Missouri Fox Trotter mare, "My Choklat Moose."  She was my show horse, clinic horse and trail horse.  We spent 17 years on the road together.  Since her retirement I have tried 3 other horses but am still looking.  I wear 3 bracelets from her tail everyday - I never take them off.  I can look down and remember Chok and our times together on the road.  I do often.  I have never lost one.  They are made very well and they are very attractive."

Gina Gardner, OR




Q.  Will it take a lot of tail hair to make a piece of jewelry? 

No it really takes very little hair.  You need to cut a section of tail hair a little larger than the diameter of a pencil, almost as big as the end of your little finger.  A bracelet requires hair that is at least 15" long, and an 18" necklace requires hair that is at least 27" long.  Zipper-pulls can be made with mane or tail hair, at least 8" long.

Q. How do I know what size to order?

Using a cloth tape measure, or a string, place the tape measure around the wrist so that the tape is touching the skin, but not tight.  Enter that length on the order form where it says "Actual Wrist Measurement."  We will add a little to that measurement so that the clasp will be easy to use.  Or, if you know what size bracelet you like to wear, you may choose a Completed Bracelet Size.  Unless you ask for a specific size, all ladies bracelets will be 7.5" long, and all men's wristbands will be about 8.25" long.  Necklaces can be as long as 18," depending on the length of the tail hair. 

Q.  May I order a bracelet for a child?

Yes, of course, just let us know the size on the order form.  Custom ordering your jewelry means that you are able to tell us a preferred size.  For a child, we can make a smaller bracelet or necklace.

Q. Where is the best place to cut the hair?

The longest hairs will be toward the end of the dock of the tail.  If you lift the tail, you can select hairs from several different spots to make the full amount needed, or you can just cut the hair from one place.  Remember:  it's just hair.  It will grow back!

Q. How long before I will receive my jewelry?

We try very hard to place your jewelry back in the mail by two weeks from the date that we receive your package, and that is what normally happens.  However, we do ask that you give us three weeks, in order to accommodate vacations, supply delays, etc.  You're always welcome to contact us to see when you might expect to receive your package.  If you need the jewelry by a certain date, please let us know when you send the order.  If you would like to give a piece of jewelry as a Christmas present, please plan on sending your package in time for us to receive it no later than November 30th. Or you may purchase a Gift Certificate. The directions for ordering Gift Certificates are at the bottom of the Ordering Information page.

Q. Will you return any unused hair?

Yes, if you let us know that you would like the hair returned.  There is a box to check on the order form.  If the box is not checked we will dispose of any unused hair.

Q. I recently had to put my horse down and only have mane hair.  Can you make a necklace or a bracelet from the mane?

No, but we can make Tassel/Zipper-Pulls!  The mane hair is much finer than tail hair, usually too short, and therefore harder to use.  We actually count out the hairs to make each piece of jewelry and mane hair has proven to be unworkable for bracelets or necklaces.  It will work beautifully for Tassels.

Q. I think I'll wait to have a piece of jewelry made when my horse passes on.  What do you think?

Oh, no, don't wait.  Although I certainly enjoy wearing my jewelry from Jake, who passed away a few years ago, I also feel really good wearing jewelry from the mare I now have, Rosie.  If you currently own "the horse of your dreams," now is a good time to have a keepsake made.

Q.  Do  you "wax" the hair?

People ask this question often.  When the hair is cleaned with hot, soapy, water and then braided tightly, it just feels different than it did when it was attached to the horse.  Even just after a bath, a horse's tail is not as clean as when we scrub it with really hot water.  You just can't do that to a horse!

Q. Why does the braided hair look darker than it did before it was braided?

The braids we make are very tight, limiting the amount of light that filters through the hair.  For instance, if we braid hair from two horses into one braid, one dark red and one black, the dark red will be even darker when the piece is finished.

Q.  Is the jewelry waterproof?

The jeweler's glue that is used in our products claims to be waterproof. It is also pliable and clear, which are two other very important properties. A few of our friends/customers have worn their bracelets 24/7 for the past 5+ years, including riding/training horses, cleaning stalls, doing dishes, and even showering.  While that isn't how we recommend treating your jewelry, we have confidence that if you engage in similar activities while wearing your jewelry, your jewelry will survive, too.

Q.  How strong is the jewelry?

Like a horse, horsehair jewelry is both very strong and very fragile.  We have worn the types of clasps that we offer for several years.  They are quite strong.  On the other hand, please treat your horsehair jewelry as carefully as you would treat any fine jewelry

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